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اقوى العاب الاكشن والاثارة Ninja Gaiden 3
اقوى العاب الاكشن والاثارة Ninja Gaiden 3 9b29b879abd391d116b6

Ninja Gaiden 3 NTSC

Language : English

Release: 2012 | Platform: XBOX360 | Region: NTSC/U | 8.14 GB
نوع اللعبة : اكشن

Ninja gaiden 3 offers for the first time a look at the world through Hayabusa’seyes, showing what drives him to fight, and kill. At the center of the conflict this time around is a masked man whose motivations and goals are unclear. Through mysterious powers, he changes Hayabusa – and the lines between hero and villain, good and evil, are blurred forever.

Featuring a new story, new gameplay and new modes, Ninja Gaiden 3 marks a new direction in this fan favorite franchise. Team Ninja aims to change the way fans think about ninja and Hayabusa in this game, and promise that they’ll know what it feels like to “cut someone down” through their experiences in the game. The game will also feature online multiplayer, both co-op and competitive, that will add a completely new experience to Ninja Gaiden. A new Play Style system allows casual players to choose automatic guarding and evasion assists (HERO mode) while giving core players the freedom to play with no assists (NINJA mode). Pick up the Dragon Sword once more, sharpen its blade and hone your skills. An adventure unlike any other awaits you…


Cutting Down your Enemy: Through new gameplay mechanics and presentation, players will feel what it’s like to cut through an enemy’s flesh and bone, along with the consequence that comes with it.A Hero Unmasked: With a new story and new characters, players will learn more about Hayabusa’s past and
present life than ever before. Once seen only as a mindless killing machine, players will unravel layers of their hero as they see his motivations and learn about the man behind the mask.High-Octane Ninja Action: Built upon the same intense action that the series is renowned for, Ninja

Gaiden 3 will challenge players while still remaining accessible for players new to the franchise. Online Action: A rich and challenging set of online modes are being implemented, giving players the option to play cooperatively or competitively. The “Ninja World” system lets players control and customize an ordinary ninja to try to advance him to the top where Ryu Hayabusa himself reigns. New challenges, characters and missions await those who choose to join the Shadows of the World online!

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اقوى العاب الاكشن والاثارة Ninja Gaiden 3 3d9c117b99e29a1a11d9

اقوى العاب الاكشن والاثارة Ninja Gaiden 3 a1740cc69ebfd13745fb
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افتراضي رد: اقوى العاب الاكشن والاثارة Ninja Gaiden 3

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اقوى العاب الاكشن والاثارة Ninja Gaiden 3

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